EDM Drilling

Our EDM Drilling machine with an x–y axis also known as a super drill or hole popper can machine blind or through holes. EDM drills boreholes with a long brass or copper tube electrode that rotates in a chuck with a constant flow of distilled or deionized water flowing through the electrode as a flushing agent and dielectric. The electrode tubes operate like the wire in wire-cut EDM machines, having a spark gap and wear rate. It is able to drill through 100 mm of soft or through hardened steel in less than 10 seconds, averaging 50% to 80% wear rate. Holes of 0.3 mm to 6.1 mm can be achieved in this drilling operation.EDM Hole Drilling machine that is dedicated to high volume production is offered, as well as a versatile machine platform that can perform both EDM Hole Drilling and standard RAM EDM operations.